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Monday, November 21, 8:40 PM The level of property transactions in China’s largest cities – down 39% Y/Y in October – has fallen well below the worst case scenario of stress tests carried out by banking regulators last April. An analyst who has seen the test documents says neither they nor the banks had enough appreciation of the extent to which loan collateral is tied to the value and turnover of real estate.


We interact with a Chinese team of Engineers and Managers on a daily basis plus making physical trips to China.  What we’ve learned is that over the last couple of years is that China has a simple loan approval process .. first house you can get 100% loan, second 50% loan, third 0% loan.  And that rule is for serial or parallel purchases.  It was instituted to keep a runaway real estate bubble away.  It seems to be working rather well, doesn’t it?… It does play havoc with the statistics though, caution about being mislead.






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Buffett – The Rocker

Here”s a great article and video with Warren Buffett dressed up as Axel Rose.

New York Times

Lizard ballad Geico


Finding Angel Investors with Free Cash for your new Business [2010 Archive]

Got a business idea? Searching for Investors and Funding to get it started?

Don”t go looking for the usual suspects.

Our team here at Green Horn Investing has recently been reading the book:

“Stop Acting Rich .. And Start Living Like a Real Millionaire”

We”ve read several of these books by Stanley ..  The interesting data in this particular book, when you”re searching for Investors, is the following chart (we”ve rearranged the data to simplify the trend):

What Stanley describes is that most of the people you know in the traditionally ”wealthy occupations” more frequently do not have excess cash due to high consumption patterns (living in a fancy house but with a big fancy mortgage, leasing impressive cars, etc).  He”s trying to get you to save more – a good message that we generally endorse – play defense with your cash. 

When looking for investors to join you on your latest business adventure, his data points to looking for individuals with occupations that consume differently.  Find a Mining Engineer and they are ten times more likely to have a pile of cash to invest than your friendly neighborhood Physician you”ve been quizzing lately.

Have a business plan for a concept you”ve been thinking about?  Get in contact with us – we”re always looking for interesting opportunities and fun adventures.  Though we”re now thinking Mining or Ranching school looks pretty darn attractive.

The Dow above 10,000 [2009 Archive]

Here”s a good comic found today:

We think the 700 Trillion may be responsible for the Dow increase .. questionable that funding is working through the economy.  When it does work through, there will be inflation.  R U Ready?
What steps are you avid readers taking with that possibility in mind?

11 Basic Principles Of Investing

This was a reply we made on Reddit for the question of a beginning investor, thought our regular readers might find the discussion useful too.

I know Nothing About Investing

“The basic principles:

-Diversify (8 or more non-correlated stocks).  Diversification only helps you avoid an individual stock risk, it does not help you avoid market risks (like last fall stocks & bonds all went down).  Having 8 Mutual funds each with 300 stocks that turn out to be closet S&P500 trackers is not being diversified.

-Any single bet you make, use less than 5-10% of your total.  “Day trade”, “swing trade”, and be active with 5-10% of your total.  Don”t play the market with all your savings.

-Pick your exit rule before you buy anything.  Buy Ford at $8 and plan to sell if it hits $6 or $10 or whatever makes you happy/comfortable.  But pick that point before you go in.  Otherwise you watch Cisco go from $75 in 2001 to $14 in 18 months “because it might come back up” and in 2009 it still peaks only around $25 or so.

-Study an industry and understand the stocks you buy – they are companies with products – do people buy the products? 

-Read footnotes in the back of the Annual Reports, skip the pictures in the front.

-Keep an eye on the trends.  General market trends, specific industry trends, or trends for a particular company.  Ski company will have different sales in the summer than the winter.  Companies profiting from Foreclosures are doing well now but maybe not in three years.

-Watch round-trip trading and management fees.

-Think.  Back test any theory you want to try out before doing it. Be cautious listening to any ”expert” on TV or Radio or mutual funds or financial planners. It”s your money so .. Think.

-Small investors often have advantages over the big trading houses.  Trading companies have massive computer systems with microsecond trading capability, but if they buy or sell a particular security they do so in such large quantities that they move the market.  So they are forced to buy and sell over weeks sometimes.

-Read up on ”Fundamental” and ”Technical” Analysis.  Understand both because professional traders are in either one of those two camps – and trade accordingly.

-Get a discount brokerage account and fund it with just a little cash – that if lost you won”t be terribly upset.  Then trade and learn.  You can paper trade for years but won”t learn fundamentals until you actually have “skin in the game”.

-Read Buffet, Lynch, Levitt, Fisher, Graham, and Magee.

Stop by my starting investor site

Good Luck !”

Your Car Can Help You Retire Rich

The link below has a good take on transportation.  And in turning conventional wisdom upside down – because as we”ve heard, conventional wisdom is often more conventional than wise…

[ Normal Thinking about Cars ]

They play a little fast with the numbers – do you really get 12% from a regular mutual fund?  Maybe you thought so in 2005 but by now you might question that ”average return rate”.
Does the $475/month assume no lost work?  Surprise medical bills? “Maybe just this once we”ll take a trip” and spend some of that savings now rather than later?

This same concept works with houses.
And furniture.
And boats.
And many other things you may have in your life.
So look around and see how this concept might work with your particular situation. Have some fun ones to include int the comments?