Buying Stuff

Here”s a funny skit by Saturday Night Live, the best link to it was on the Consummerist.

It”s basically a spoof on spending habits.  Look through your habits and see what you”re spending on.  Start with two categories, the first are your big expenditures (mortgage, car) and the small ones (daily Starbucks).  Figure out how you can cut costs there.  Then put the cost savings into your cash account and invest it in the market (but see our previous post about timing your reentry).

Things we”ve done recently: 

1] Bought a “French Press” for the price of three Starbucks, and then make a cup or three at a time.  It”s microwavable so less power than a traditional “dozen cup dripper”, less coffee in the batch, and easier to wash.  Making some fancy coffee now, for a pittance.

2] Need the roof shingled.  Only the valleys are scary-looking.  Full new roof is big money, more than six months of mortgage payments – cash that might be needed if the day-job company goes belly up (there”s talk of that).  Spouse is worried about leaks – something about family photos.  So call a couple of buddies.  And go buy a few rolls of flashing and several buckets of fiber-reinforced tar and some trowels.  For the cost of a month of frugal lunches the roof is repaired.  Stand at the top of the roof and feel like a real man!  Then remember the ladder fell over about an hour ago and the spouse is out shopping (doh!).


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