Finding Angel Investors with Free Cash for your new Business [2010 Archive]

Got a business idea? Searching for Investors and Funding to get it started?

Don”t go looking for the usual suspects.

Our team here at Green Horn Investing has recently been reading the book:

“Stop Acting Rich .. And Start Living Like a Real Millionaire”

We”ve read several of these books by Stanley ..  The interesting data in this particular book, when you”re searching for Investors, is the following chart (we”ve rearranged the data to simplify the trend):

What Stanley describes is that most of the people you know in the traditionally ”wealthy occupations” more frequently do not have excess cash due to high consumption patterns (living in a fancy house but with a big fancy mortgage, leasing impressive cars, etc).  He”s trying to get you to save more – a good message that we generally endorse – play defense with your cash. 

When looking for investors to join you on your latest business adventure, his data points to looking for individuals with occupations that consume differently.  Find a Mining Engineer and they are ten times more likely to have a pile of cash to invest than your friendly neighborhood Physician you”ve been quizzing lately.

Have a business plan for a concept you”ve been thinking about?  Get in contact with us – we”re always looking for interesting opportunities and fun adventures.  Though we”re now thinking Mining or Ranching school looks pretty darn attractive.


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