Stock Market Indicators

Here is a starter list of stock market indicators that we came across recently:

   1. Hemline/Skirt Length Indicator
   2. The Boston Snow Indicator
   3. Super Bowl Indicator
   4. Billboard Top 100 Indicator
   5. Lipstick Indicator/Lipstick Effect
   6. Harvard MBA Indicator
   7. January Effect
   8. Aspirin Count Indicator
   9. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover
  10. Pallet/Cardboard Box Indicator
  11. The Big Mac Index
(source: CNN)

We tend to believe in the old reliable Super Bowl Indicator and have a fun time with the hemline/skirt length indicator.  The January Effect has also proven to be a sage indicator of what the following year will bring. Great for party discussions, but overall you have take a stance like a Rhino and be ready to move at the market – whether you’re facing a bull or a bear.


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