Welcome to Green Horn Investor!

You probably came to check out our Investment Advice, or learn what Warren Buffett was up to, or why the markets were UP or DOWN today.

However, sorry for the skimpy posts here .. we are under a bit of re-construction.  Temporarily parking our site here at our WordPress.com account until we get back to regular scheduled updates and archived content.  We’ll soon have things restored.


So What Happened?

A few days back we had to ask ourselves “Why is our site down?!!”

We went in checking in depth.  At first thinking some “3L33t HaK0r” (elite hacker) had compromised things.  Nope.  We found out our (prior) hosting company had changed software – without telling us!

So our WordPress software platform was no longer working .. nor available!  Good thing we keep backups.

This does allow us to revamp our look and clean up content from the old site.


It’s like a Rodeo in blog-land some days.  But we keep coming back feeling like the clown popping out of the barrel.

Have a great day and Check out some of our older content we chased up!

Big Horn.




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