What’s Linux doing on an Investment Blog?

That old PC running slow like a turtle? 

Full of odd viruses, ad-ware, and other funky stuff you”re not entirely sure are “protecting” your credit card number when online?

Take a look at Linux (we recommend Ubuntu lately to those interested, though we run a lot of content into this site with Xubuntu as it”s a bit more lean and speedy). Ubuntu etc will even send in regular mail a free copy of the operating
system to your house, Free?  That makes Freddy Frugal”s ears perk up!

This site has a great overview of things you should consider ]here[  We didn”t want to repeat what they cover in such good detail. 

For our readers here, the best feature is monetary!  Seriously, besides the free operating system, about 20,000 free programs to install with a few clicks, you will be able to extend that hunk of old iron in your garage or the newer iron you”re currently nursing along.  Extending the usefulness you”ll help save the environment by skipping one or two “normal” hardware refresh cycles.  It”s easy to get Ubuntu (which the newest edition launched in April this year, vs the older Vista that launched in late 2007, or Apple”s “latest” that launched earlier in 2007) to run reliably on 5 or even 10 year old hardware! Try that with Vista and you”re in trouble – more like you need to think about buying a new computer to have enough cpu and ram.  With Linux you can do some fancy stuff to wow your Mac friends ]here[ and ]here[

So take a look at Linux (distrowatch.com) and find a version you like.  Leave us some comments about your concerns or attempts at trying Linux and we”ll elaborate on how to ease into it with the least amount of work, fear, or time.

Be sure and look up “windows linux equivalents” on Google and try out LibreOffice and Firefox – they will even install in Windows.


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